Schmidt Reining is proud to offer a complete and well rounded approach to horse training. From starting a yearling to preparing and managing the show career of a top Derby contender, Schmidt Reining has the experience, knowledge and commitment to help your horse perform at the top of their ability. “We treat our horses as individuals and believe that proper care, maintenance and environment all play vital roles in their health, happiness and longevity. We are lucky to have access to industry leading veterinarians, farriers and surgical facilities. At Schmidt Reining, the horse always comes first.”. “Since 2002 our focus has been training Open and Non-Pro Futurity and Derby horses. Be it a sale horse, one that’s showing or a rider/horse combination, I aim to identify specific goals and structure an individualized training program to meet and exceed those goals. We strive to help our horses and riders be the absolute best that they can be, no matter what their goal is.”


Joe’s unique Non Pro coaching program is fast becoming one of the hallmarks of Schmidt Reining. By taking the time to establish a solid communication base with his clients, Joe is able to effectively convey instruction and build confidence. Joe seeks to develop riders who are able to identify and react to situations on their own and encourages an open dialog with his students.

“I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best non pros in the industry and no matter what level of rider I coach, I focus on making a self sufficient, confident rider. The cornerstone of my program is establishing an effective way to communicate with each rider as an individual. Just as all horses are different, so are riders. What clicks with one person may not with another, some people respond better to seeing a maneuver performed, while someone else may need to have it verbally broken down into steps. It all comes down to having a program that is tailored to the specific needs of each rider to achieve maximum results.”


Haul in lessons are always welcomed. No matter you or your horse’s skill level, we’re here to help you achieve success. “All you really need before you come ride with me is a horse and a desire to learn.” In today’s world, time is always in short supply. It can be hard to balance work, family and riding so we like to help our clients use their time with us to the maximum benefit.

Many clients have found it beneficial to post a video of themselves practicing on YouTube and send us a link. This allows Joe to pinpoint areas to work on and develop a lesson plan that will help both rider and horse get the most out of their time.


Highly in demand as a skilled clinician, Joe has done clinics in Hawaii, Nevada, California, and New Mexico. Joe can help any level rider progress and can customize a clinic for your group or association. Joe also provides mock shows with video analysis as a very beneficial tool when working with groups.”I really enjoy helping people with their horses during clinics. From working on getting the correct lead to putting the finishing touch on a stop, I love the challenge of working through a problem and getting people to the next level.”